Meet the StageBots

Bed from 2005 LCT"Betty" was built in 2005 and debuted in the "Living Christmas Tree". Betty was used to move a bed with a small sleeping child during several dream sequences, where it not only moved on and off stage, but also did in-place slow spins. Betty also has the ability to control external devices, such as the small lamps which were on the headboard of the bed during this production.

Giant iPodBetty has also been used to move the 8 ft. tall Giant iPod that was used in the Thomas Road Baptist Church "iTruths" Sermon Series by Jonathan Falwell in 2007. The iPod had a 42" LCD screen and ran custom software written by Jon Daggett which displayed sermon points and scriptures in an iPod style.

The iPod has also been used for several other Thomas Road events, including their Innovate Conference and often can be found in the front lobby of the church.

Santa's Sleigh"Dolly" was built in 2006 and was used in the "Virginia Christmas Spectacular" where she moved a large Santa's Sleigh with Santa and 2 children.

Little TreeDolly was used again in the 2007 production to move a Christmas Tree on and off stage, and also did a little choreography as well, doing some in-place spins and movement at certain portions of the song.

On-board UPS battery power was also used to control the lights on the tree which were under Wireless DMX control.

Heart from "Inside Out""Carrie" is our 3rd StageBot and was built in 2007 and propelled Santa's Sleigh with not only Santa, but 2 other adults and 1 child. Carrie has also been used to move a 10 ft. tall Heart as part of the "Inside Out" Sermon Series preached by Jonathan Falwell at Thomas Road Baptist Church in August-September 2008. The Heart contained a 50" Plasma mounted in portrait orientation and displayed sermon notes & scriptures. The monitor and computer were powered by a UPS battery system while it was driven out by the Bot, and then was connected to an extension cord once in position.

Baby BotWe are currently designing two new "Baby Bots". These will be smaller Bots designed for 80-100 lb loads and will be less than 18" long, 16" wide, and only 5" high.

Heart from "Inside Out"

All of our StageBots are controlled remotely by R/C radio control. Individual frequencies are used, so multiple Bots can be used simultaneously in the same production.

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